Friday, December 21, 2007

'Tis the Season

  • For Christmas parties...I had three this week. Pictures to follow but suffice to say, each one filled my heart with happiness as I realized how blessed I am! I gathered with the neighbor ladies and I realized I have way more wonderful friends than one person deserves to have. The Things each had class parties that reflected the talents of their teachers. Sure, they had fun but there was a learning piece to the celebration which makes it a good use of the school day. The boys are blessed with truly gifted teachers this year who approach their profession with passion and dedication. You know: the types of teachers that there just don't seem to be enough of?
  • For Germs....I was feeling a bit cocky as first my boss missed work because her daughter was sick. Then my other boss (both hate to be called Boss, but hey, if I'm the aide, who is it I'm assisting?) had an even sicker child that required hospitalization. Both are improving but now my youngest Thing has succumbed to the germs floating around. A trip in to the doctor confirmed he wasn't just being a stinker and waking me up multiple times last night. Otis media.
  • For....oh I don't know...I've got a long list of stuff I should be doing and yet the desire is just not there. Could be that between all the parties and the sniffles this week I"m just fresh out of Martha mojo? But, I knew I"d better update the blog before old Lois came over and started fussin' at me!


tz said...

well shoot i guess i better go update too!
hope thing 2 feels better soon!

Dodi said...

Thats right ladies - just because Lois is opening her can of peas to finish christmas shopping and not blogging doesn't mean she doesn't need a little new reading material for herself.


Mojo tends to run low this time of year - just remember how much fun Christmas morning will be!