Friday, December 28, 2007

Murphy's Law: the out of town Hubby edition

Hubby is off bonding with his college buddies. He rarely travels which means being home alone has been a bit of a treat for the me. You know: I get to watch all the HGTV I can stand, and fix hot dogs and fries for dinner (OK, so I get to do these things even when he's home, but you get the idea).

But, it seems Old Mr. Murphy has decided to remind me that being home alone isn't always such a good thing.

Day 1: My fancy roller shade in the bedroom freezes. In the UP position. That means instead of falling asleep in a room that is totally dark, I get to drift off to the glow of the grocery store off in the distance. Nothing causes insomnia faster than rolling on your side and being able to watch the stop light change colors.

Day 2: Blockbuster Home Delivery brings me a chick flick. I get the boys all settled in elsewhere in the hosue and figure I'll watch a chic flick stretched out on the couch, using the big TV. Load DVD in and it locks up. Get the Quirky Kid to help me at least get this rental dvd out of the player...but now am too worried to try again.

Day 3: Inspired to make homemade lasagna, using extra cheese (because Hubby isn't so much a fan of cheese, why he married a girl from Wisconsin is beyond me...but there you have it, my chance to go overboard on the cheese). I place said lasagna in the stove and turn around to see fireworks flying inside my oven. I turn everything off and assume I just need to clean off some of the grime from the stove bottom. Reach in and the heating element crumbles. Oh crap: that lasagna wasn't just because I was feeling domestic, but my college buddy and her 3 hearty appetite kids were coming over for lunch in ONE hour. Luckily I've got good friends that let me use their oven, leave their kitchen smelling oh so delicious and yet, leave them not even a morsel to try. Note to self: must make a lasagna for Judy as a thank you.

So, now I"m wondering...what else will bite the dust with Hubby gone?
I think I'm ready for him to come home...


tz said...

We had that happen to our heating element a couple months is quite the fireworks show inside the oven though...sorry about the lasagna, were you able to bake it at a friend's house?

has he come home yet? I'm not sure you can take much more...;-)

Colleen Dobson said...

Kevin has been home alot this Christmas, which is great. Only now he's starting to infringe on my highly coveted ME time!