Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another one for the men are weird file...

My friend Tracey, recently wrote about her latest "weird man" story. So, I thought I'd share mine. And yes I know Thing Two isn't actually a man yet, but sadly he will grow up to be one long before I"m readu to say goodbye to my carefree little boy.

Thing Two is known for just saying what is on his mind. (gee, now where did he pick up this habit types the guilty mom?) Today, as we were returning from our attempts to surprise some friends with some Holiday treats, he started to wonder what it would be like to have two dilly dinks (OK, so he didn't call it a dilly dink, but I want to keep my G-rating/ dilly dink= code for boy part).

Gasp, choke, I start to worry and perhaps wonder exactly where this conversation is I cautiously asked "what would you do with two?"

"Oh easy Mom, I"d tie them together and make a pretzel!"

And thus knowing this is his line of thinking, maybe he won't be too embarrassed when I show this picture to his prom date. And yep, I'm gonna miss this fella when he becomes a man and starts to discover modesty! PS: Blogger tells me this is my 500th posting. My how time flies when you like talking to yourself!


~dawn~ said...

And I'm sure every man just winced and crossed their legs in pain ;)

Colleen Dobson said...

OK, maybe boys are different. You win!