Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why bother...

Spending money on hair color if someone at the gym is going to tell me "Oh you can join Silver Sneakers, you only have to be fifty".

Next thing I know, folks are going to ask me if the boys are my grandchildren!


Dodi said...

You know, when DD2 was a baby some horrible woman asked me if she was my grandaughter.

I've seen you in person, and you do NOT look like a woman in her 50's! Or, if you do, may we all look that good when the time comes!

Big love from the mom who is older than you!

Colleen Dobson said...


tz said...


I went to the dr once and she asked if i was there for hormone replacement therapy...i asked why she thought i may need that having just had a baby three months before (new doc, new town)...she thought i was mid 40's not mid 30's

AHHHHHHH my birthdate looked like '58 not '68 but by looking at me she didn't automatically assume that was WRONG...