Saturday, November 10, 2007

Old Navy, how you've broken my heart

To the fun folks at Old Navy:

Oh how I enjoy your commercials. Your stores are always such a fun place to shop. Affordable, colorful, stylish stuff. Until yesterday!

My question for you is: when did you start to ignore the BOY factor in your merchandising? While the girls had a plethora of fun seasonal stuff to choose from (from candy cane robes to snow man jammies), the boys had Nada. Oh wait, I take that back: there was one seasonal t-shirt. I believe it read "Santa is my homie" or maybe it was Homeboy. I so don't understand the urban slang, and even if I did, would I want my cute, adorable boys sporting a t-shirt that talks about homies/homeboys? Am I living in a suburban fantasy world to hope that we can hold off on the "gangster" look until at least middle school?

Please, I am begging you to re-visit your marketing strategies. Yes, I know, boys this age prefer to wear nothing but their boxers. But, could you at least offer some cute stylish, seasonal boxers just so us Mommies can continue the tradition of dressing our fellas in cute stuff Christmas eve?

Yours Truly, A Disgruntled customer (and yeah, I know Christmas is more than a month away, but it is your comrades in retail that rush the season so DEAL with it!)
PS: Kohls: you weren't much better! The biggest selection of seasonal jammies you had? Were in the men's department and well...suffice to say, Fredrick's of Hollywood called, they want their merchandise back!


Colleen Dobson said...

I'm so hoping the nice conservative preppy look is in around middle school. (But does the Ho look ever really go out of style?)

tz said...

thank wish preppy look would be back in..nothing like plain hair bands, knee highs and wool shorts!


and for the button down and kahki...a sweater thrown over the shoulder for good measure...

old navy would make a mint if we were on their marketing team

and so agree with you martha...i was in there the other day and couldn't find much!

Aimee said...

Your children are all going to get beat up in school. Don't you know that "cute" boys clothes went out when they started school. I'm lucky to get Andrew to wear anything that isn't a t-shirt. But Lindsey will always be in style with the "Ho" look.

ganelle said...

I'm all for the preppy look, even if it does mean my boys get beat up... They need to be toughened up anyway, right?
Try Children's Place. That's where we get our coordinating jammies for the holidays.