Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nightmares...4th grade style

Thing One announced this morning he was really sleepy. Could it be too much Halloween fun last night? Apparently not, because when I asked him he told me he had bad sleep because of "nightmares". Further questioning revealed the subject of his nightmare was "I dreamed I was going to school at at AN ALL GIRLS school". EEEEEEKKKK...that would be a bad dream for boys that are at that stage where girls are nothing but trouble

Aside from that, we seem to be in recovery mode from all the festive fun of Halloween. It was a mellow year for us this year. I'm not sure why but I think we're at an awkward stage in Halloween. They are done with the little kid side of Halloween (instead of picking out pumpkins, they offered to push the cart while I picked out the pumpkins) and yet they are not quite ready for the "creepy" side of Halloween. Stuck in the middle.
But, being pretty good cooperative Things (most days) they still went through all the photo op obligations and so ....yeah, I have photos to share! Enjoy!

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~dawn~ said...

That is the cutest photo of you and your "things" on the porch!!!