Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Multiple personalities?

On the way home, Thing Two is talking with his brother about all the "helpers" he has:
Mr. Nerd helps me during math
Mr. Brain helps me during spelling
Mr. Glasses, well, he helps me pretty much with everything.

Right now, I"m wishing that he had a Mr. HVAC in his operating system, because our furnace has gone belly up and it is no longer 70 degrees and sunny in the long range forecast. (fear not, the after hours technician is in bound but still, there goes my mad money for the month!)

1 comment:

tz said...

wow...awesome customer service story!

i'll so get the number from you come replacement time...next year?

and hey girl...are you going to start doing that marlo thomas flip thing with your hair?

see you in a couple minutes...i'm tempted to come in my pj's like you asked but the way to get to your place sans children is to combine it with a store shopping trip....