Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For all your HVAC needs...

Call SW Heating and Air Conditioning!

No, I don't work for them. Nor do I get any kick backs or rebates.
But, come on, who knew that such companies still existed?

  • I called and left a message for the on-call/after hours technician. He returned my call within 5 minutes.
  • He arrived within his promised time frame
  • He explained everything to Hubby, they fixed the problem and the bill came to $0.00
  • It was 'under warranty' he said. OK, probably the furnace is original to the house, making it at least 15 years old. And while we did have it "inspected" when we bought this house, that also occurred way past any warranty period I'd expect. (Can you believe we've been "court side" for just about 2 years now? In some ways, this place has always felt like home)
  • This is the same company that came to look at our A/C unit this summer: and that time, they were at my house within 90 minutes of my initial call for a "routine' check.'d be foolish not to use this very customer friendly company!

OK, now before you think I'm all sunshine, rainbows and ponies this morning...I've got a bone to pick with the makers of the Butter Braids. This last batch I got through our school fundraiser? Well, the initial loaf is smaller than the old size, they were more expensive and the darn thing didn't rise like it is supposed to. I'll not be purchasing from this group again...thank you very much!

See...I can still be my hard to please, nothing makes me happy self!

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