Thursday, November 29, 2007

Behind the curtain...

On a couple occasions, people have asked me why I don't work in the nurse's office at the Things school. Sure, I've got the training, even the experience as outdated as it is, would probably be better than what we've currently got as a school nurse. Part of my reasoning for NOT working has to do with time and money: I have no desire to be away from home that long for that tiny of amount of pay. I've also said that I don't want to see what goes on "behind the curtain" know, a la Wizard of Oz. I'm a much happier parent not knowing the inner workings of my children's school.

So, instead, I work with our school's "day care" program. Sure the pay still stinks, but the hours are way more flexible and we are one layer further out from the behind the scenes stuff at school.

Except this week, I have somehow found myself subbing with a department that is a bit more connected to the real school.

Suffice to say, I was right NOT to want to see that much about what makes a school tick.

Colleen-o has her own way of doing countdowns. For me, I have a simple countdown I'm working towards: 14 hours to go. And then I'm free of this added job that I've taken on. It's been a long and rather enlightening week. Suffice to say, next time I'm asked to sub this much, all I need to do is think of "behind the curtain" and respectfully decline.

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tz said...

i do beleive we need to have some coffee and butter braids and hear all about it

just one more day .... yay