Sunday, November 18, 2007

And just how do I title this one?

This morning's breakfast conversation went something like this

Hubby: Hey, I heard Christmas is cancelled this year if you
don't eat your breakfast
(editor's note: we start early with the be good 'cuz Santa is watching stuff)
Thing Two: OK, then we'll celebrate Kwanzaa
Hubby: Um, son, we're not black
Thing Two: Then how about Hanukkah?
Hubby: Nope, we're not Jewish
Thing One: (who up until this point had been buried in his electronic gadgets, we'd assumed he was tuned out to the world around him): NO,I don't want to be Jewish, Hitler might come back from the Dead!


Sitting in Silence said...

LOL...and I though my life was a comedy show...

Great convo !!! You boys are a classic.
D x

tz said...

LOL....did you and DH burst out laughing?