Saturday, September 22, 2007

Speed Reader

Thing One is known for his hurried ways. Especially when he reads. He goes really fast. When you do that, sometimes you make mistakes. You might miss the meaning of the word. But, sometimes when you go fast, make a mistake, you still seem to get the right meaning.

Such was the case this morning, when he was looking over my shoulder as I watched Brothers and Sisters (how did I miss this show last year? My newest addiction is catching up on this series. Makes me sort of wish I grew up in a large family. Those of you who really did grow up in large families, please don't ruin my illusion that at the end of every 45 minute disagreement you all met up in Mommas warm and wonderfully stocked kitchen to chat over a glass of wine).

But anyways, he sees the promo sign for the return of a popular Sunday evening program...only he read "Desperate Hotwives".

I didn't bother to correct him...especially when he went on to say how me and the other mommies were prettier than those ladies in the picture.

Truth is, some day real soon testosterone will start to surge and he'll realize his momma and her friends look nothing like the women of Wisteria Lane. But for now, I'm rather digging that he thinks I'm beautiful!


tz said...

you have a very....very wise son

and yes, so love brothers and sisters! and times like that i do wish i had a large family, or maybe it's a wealthy family???
or both?

tz said...

hey i was expecting to see awesome pictures of your fab scrap book pages!

Colleen Dobson said...

What a sweet heart! Tell him next time I see him I'm gonna give him a big embarrassing mom hug!