Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

1. This week marks the second anniversary of my consistent blogging. Imagine how skinny I'd be if I showed as much dedication and focus to regular exercise and healthy eating as I do to making sure my blog stays current? I love how my blog helps me stay connected with friends and family both near and far. Exercise? Well, all it does it make me stiff, sore and sweaty. What is the appeal of any of those qualities?

2. Thing One is starting to approach Mondays with a bright and happy attitude. Why? Because it is the day he does his "job". Part of his special ed. program is working in the cafeteria on Mondays. He proudly announced this morning: "if you see the food in the cafeteria today and it looks good, you can thank me and the other cookerators". Hm mm: if it wouldn't break his heart and crush his spirit, I'd suggest to his teachers less time in the cafeteria, more time in English class! But, he's so excited about this job and is taking it very seriously and acting very responsible. We'll just correct his grammar and move on.

3. Thing Two forgot his glasses this morning. And, he was visibly upset and worried. No problem: I quickly ran home, and brought them back to school. That put a smile on my face: not that he forgot his glasses but that he notices a difference when wearing them and was worried that he wouldn't have a good day if he didn't have his glasses!

4. The wine of the month delivery guy just came with our monthly delivery. Stop on by and I'll share a glass with you...or 2 or we're several months behind in sampling the wines.

without a doubt, this is one of my more boring entries. But, I figured I'd better update before my sister wives start to harass me. That's my talent (blog harassment): I don't want them stepping in and taking over that duty of mine! :)


Colleen Dobson said...

ooh, I'll have to look up how long I've been at it. Not that long - more like 6 months? A year.

So what pray tell does a "cookerator" do - it sounds very important.

And I remember when C finally noticed that she forgot her glasses. About a 1/3 of the way into vision therapy I beleive!

Connections galore this morning. Blogging is important. You have an important position as a Bloggerator .

tz said...

love cookerator....but i love making new words...jason hates that i do that! oh well

happy anniversary!

hmmm. i do beleive you should have a wine tasting party...i'll bring the cheese!