Saturday, September 01, 2007

Charged but never convicted

I just read this ethics quiz and though it'd be fun to blog. My title is my score. I guess that makes me not very Nicki (ala Big Love Fans)...because well she and Bill both could run for office I"m guessing. So, where do you fall on this ethics quiz?

1. Nibbled "samples" from supermarket produce and bulk bins?
2. Tossed cigarettes or other litter from your car?
3. Examined the neighbors mail when it was delivered to your home by mistake?
4. Stood in the 10-items-or-fewer line when you knew you had more items?
5. Knowingly driven above the posted speed limit?
6. Returned clothing to stores after it's been worn?
7. Ignored your dog's pile in the neighbor's lawn?
8. Illegally used a disabled placard so you could park close? Or parked in a handicapped space even without a placard?
9. Rolled through stop signs in your car or on a bike?
10. Left a shopping cart in a parking space?
11. "Borrowed" from your child's piggy bank?
12. Sneaked snacks or beverages into movie theaters?
13. Driven solo in the car-pool lane?1
4. Taken towels or robes from hotel rooms?
15. Called in sick when you weren't ill?
16. Found a purse or wallet and not attempted to return it to the owner?
17. Fudged on a company expense report?
18. Moved to a more expensive (and empty) seats at a ballpark or arena?
19. Dumped your garbage in a neighbors container without asking permission?
20. Taken work supplies home?

Ethics Meter0-3 -- Mother Teresa Award4-7 -- Charged but never convicted8-12 -- Genetically linked to George Costanza13-20 -- Consider running for public office


Colleen Dobson said...

Turns left from 7:45am to 8:00am . . .

tz said...

hahaha colleen...
hmmm, I may share a name but I don't share the award....more of a never caught, charged or convicted...

at least i've never stalked anyone while driving a hummer :-)
another big love reference.