Sunday, September 30, 2007

By the numbers...

Yesterday ended up being a rather productive day after all. Hubby was gone almost all day, as he is still trying to get over Trail Ridge road before it closes for the season. This time he made it as far as the west entrance of the park (just changing into the right gear at Grand Lake) before he learned they'd just closed the road. Gotta give him credit for continuing to try. Even if you aren't a motorcycle fan, check out his blog for some awesome pictures of Colorado Gold.

As for me, I must have found my Martha mojo in my morning coffee yesterday as I managed to accomplish quite a bit. Here's the tally:

  • 4 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and even put away
  • 3 bathrooms scrubbed
  • 2 errands completed (which involved me driving beyond my comfort radius of 3 miles here in the 'hood).
  • 1 party attended (which is why I wasn't able to crash TZ's crop). Our friend's middle daughter headed off to Homecoming with her 4 gal pals. I serve as the family photographer and then we eat, drink and talk all sorts of crazy talk. It has become a tradition for us. One that sadly will involve my own boys heading off to the dance way sooner than I think I'll be ready for.

I'm thinking I burned through my weekend allotment of energy yesterday. But there are still a couple chores here in the Craft Shack I would like to get to. Time will tell if this morning's coffee leaves me feeling as motivated as yesterday's.

whatever you do today, make it a good one...


tz said...

awesome colorado gold pics...son#2 was looking too and he said...'that's all it is, pictures of his motorcycle?'
thought i'd share!

shannon asked about you!

Colleen Dobson said...

I can't remember the name of Your DH's blog? Refresh my memory - please?

Kaesmom said...

Colorado is one place that I've always wanted to visit. Your husband's photos just made that desire stronger.