Monday, September 17, 2007

Alien Invasion

I'm thinking that aliens have taken over my children. The boys have played nicely with each other, complimenting each other, cooperating with each other, and offering to help each other with their homework so they can get back to playing.

And if that wasn't enough proof: my oldest insisted we watch the Broncos yesterday. While I've got nothing against them as a team, on the whole, nobody in our family is that interested in professional football. For him to request to watch the game seemed just "out the norm".

Who are these boys and what have they done with my children?

Oh never mind...aliens please stick around for awhile...I like what I'm seeing.


tz said...

now i've got the twighlight zone theme song stuck in my head.
do doo do do
that doesn't translate well does it.

Dodi said...

OK, what did you feed them to get the to act this way? Is there some special peanut butter I need to be buying?