Sunday, September 30, 2007

By the numbers...

Yesterday ended up being a rather productive day after all. Hubby was gone almost all day, as he is still trying to get over Trail Ridge road before it closes for the season. This time he made it as far as the west entrance of the park (just changing into the right gear at Grand Lake) before he learned they'd just closed the road. Gotta give him credit for continuing to try. Even if you aren't a motorcycle fan, check out his blog for some awesome pictures of Colorado Gold.

As for me, I must have found my Martha mojo in my morning coffee yesterday as I managed to accomplish quite a bit. Here's the tally:

  • 4 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and even put away
  • 3 bathrooms scrubbed
  • 2 errands completed (which involved me driving beyond my comfort radius of 3 miles here in the 'hood).
  • 1 party attended (which is why I wasn't able to crash TZ's crop). Our friend's middle daughter headed off to Homecoming with her 4 gal pals. I serve as the family photographer and then we eat, drink and talk all sorts of crazy talk. It has become a tradition for us. One that sadly will involve my own boys heading off to the dance way sooner than I think I'll be ready for.

I'm thinking I burned through my weekend allotment of energy yesterday. But there are still a couple chores here in the Craft Shack I would like to get to. Time will tell if this morning's coffee leaves me feeling as motivated as yesterday's.

whatever you do today, make it a good one...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rise and Shine!

It is not only Saturday...but if you've been paying attention and counting days like some of us, you'll know it is the first day of our track off. (3 week break from year round school). Luckily, Thing Two seems to be the bright one of the bunch as he is still sleeping in. Thing One waited until 6:25 before he came in asking if he could get up. Hey, that is called sleeping in around this place. Take it or leave it. :)

There isn't much going on and while I should be filled with motivation to get to a couple projects, instead I think I"m just going to sit here for a little bit longer and savor the quiet that makes morning my favorite time of day.

Check back later for reports of completed scrapbook pages, cleaned bathrooms, laundry totals and paper work shuffled. Because right now, all you'll see is a lazy old lady sipping coffee, surfing the Internet. Yep...nothing sweeter than the idea that the day is clear and the possibilities are unlimited in what I could accomplish (but probably won't).

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Match the following

___Days until track off
___Many chores to try to squeeze in before the Things are home with me for three long weeks
___How did she get from here ___ this photo when all I did was blink? Note to self: quit doing this, ok. They are all growing up way too fast!

Lame post I know: but since a couple sister wives have updated their blogs, I figured I'd better get mine updated before they go and start the nagging. Not that sister wives do that: instead, we provide unconditional support and reassurance. It is the Law of the Pack.

Which brings me to the next shameless adorable photo. Meet our newest scout. Isn't he adorable? Wouldn't you love to buy some popcorn from him? Come on, you know you want to! Who can resist a man in uniform?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Speed Reader

Thing One is known for his hurried ways. Especially when he reads. He goes really fast. When you do that, sometimes you make mistakes. You might miss the meaning of the word. But, sometimes when you go fast, make a mistake, you still seem to get the right meaning.

Such was the case this morning, when he was looking over my shoulder as I watched Brothers and Sisters (how did I miss this show last year? My newest addiction is catching up on this series. Makes me sort of wish I grew up in a large family. Those of you who really did grow up in large families, please don't ruin my illusion that at the end of every 45 minute disagreement you all met up in Mommas warm and wonderfully stocked kitchen to chat over a glass of wine).

But anyways, he sees the promo sign for the return of a popular Sunday evening program...only he read "Desperate Hotwives".

I didn't bother to correct him...especially when he went on to say how me and the other mommies were prettier than those ladies in the picture.

Truth is, some day real soon testosterone will start to surge and he'll realize his momma and her friends look nothing like the women of Wisteria Lane. But for now, I'm rather digging that he thinks I'm beautiful!

One Man's Hobby...

is another man's chore.
As I type this, sipping my coffee (Dunkin Donuts brand of Hazelnut,while it is a very tasty morning sipping coffee, Seattle's Best Creme Brulee remains my favorite), Hubby is suiting up and getting ready for his adventure.

From here to Aspen and back...just to travel the back roads and take in the beauty of our state.

Sure, sounds all lovely doesn't it? But, I'd be following in the car (or cage as he now refers to anything not a motorcycle), with the howlers in the back, asking to stop at any and all recognized brand restaurants. Not out of hunger do they ask. Nope, driven by boredom while sitting in the back, being entertained by every electronic gadget that comes with a car adaptor.

I fail to see the beauty in any of this plan. Leaf peeping or not. Just sounds like too much of a chore for me.

On the other hand, tomorrow is my day away and starting around 11am, I'll be meeting my friend Mrs. M. at Archivers. Now, doesn't that sound like a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Howlers howling at home while I'm enjoying the company of a good friend that I don't see nearly enough and pursuing my own hobby...scrapbooking.

If you are in the area, and can get a kitchen pass approved, join us Sunday!

Friday, September 21, 2007

With each passing day...

it just gets harder and harder to get everyone up and moving in the right direction. Just one more week until we track off...I think I can make it. But, I really wish vacation started today!!!!

On the upside, Thing Two seems to be overcoming yet another school hurdle. While his handwriting remains rather sloppy in general, he is starting to space out his words and the other evening, he wrote me a letter.

Now, before you say "oh, how sweet is that?", I should clarify that it was hate mail. Yep, he was angry that I sent him to his room for getting frustrated with his game boy. Off he stomped.

Only, he couldn't find paper to write his he used a kleenex.
His note read: "you are the worst mom ever!"

I cried when I read it: happy tears...because every word was spelled correctly and I could read his handwriting. Yep, sometimes even those hate letters make us smile because by golly, he's getting there.

OMG: would you look at the time...I'd better get my rear in gear and start the day.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alien Invasion

I'm thinking that aliens have taken over my children. The boys have played nicely with each other, complimenting each other, cooperating with each other, and offering to help each other with their homework so they can get back to playing.

And if that wasn't enough proof: my oldest insisted we watch the Broncos yesterday. While I've got nothing against them as a team, on the whole, nobody in our family is that interested in professional football. For him to request to watch the game seemed just "out the norm".

Who are these boys and what have they done with my children?

Oh never mind...aliens please stick around for awhile...I like what I'm seeing.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Colorado has talent!

Last night, I gathered a couple of my friends and we went to hear my co-worker (she's technically my supervisor but she gets embarrassed when I call her Boss Lady) and her musical group perform in their A Capella group. I admit: I made the plans to go out of a sense of employee obligation. I'm more of a theatre kind of gal.

Or so I thought...

OMG: this wasn't like anything I'd heard before. I remembered from some long forgotten Music Appreciation class what A Capella meant. I just didn't realize it was more than what a church choir does on Sunday morning.

These folks were good. No, make that great! My favorite was the Barbershop Quartets that performed in addition to JD's group. They had this amazing talent for infusing humor into their act so it felt like part comedy club, part theatrical performance all topped off with some amazingly talented voices.

It is no wonder that the one group recently placed 3rd in the International Competition for Barbershop Quartets. But if they were third (and 17th, was the other placing for the group): I'd really love to hear what a first place group sounds like because all these performers were top notch. And, so not a bunch of old geezers in funny hats singing Sweet Adeline!

Next time I hear about one of their shows, you can bet my attendance won't be out of obligation but out of a desire to hear some really fantastically talented individuals who shine on stage!

*and no, I'm not saying this to schmooze boss lady. She doesn't even know I have a blog

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Why is it that coffee (or whatever your preferred morning warm beverage might be)
  • tastes better on a crisp cool morning?
  • smells better when someone else has started the brew?
  • is enjoyed way more when shared with good friends?

Come on over, and I"ll put a fresh pot on just to prove these observations to ya'll!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A book worm is emerging

While we are a family of readers, Thing Two has taken his own sweet time in terms of learning to read and embracing reading books for pleasure. He has always approached it as a chore, something he knows he has to do, but doesn't necessarily plan to like it.

Until now: You see, he has just been introduced to the concept of AR tests. Now, he's searching all over for books that are "on the list" (of books that the school has tests for). He just came downstairs, complaining that Freckle Juice has only 47 pages and he is already on page 42. "Mom, do you think I can take the test tomorrow?".

Ah yes...I believe we've crossed over yet another learning hurdle in the education of these boys! And it feels so good...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

1. This week marks the second anniversary of my consistent blogging. Imagine how skinny I'd be if I showed as much dedication and focus to regular exercise and healthy eating as I do to making sure my blog stays current? I love how my blog helps me stay connected with friends and family both near and far. Exercise? Well, all it does it make me stiff, sore and sweaty. What is the appeal of any of those qualities?

2. Thing One is starting to approach Mondays with a bright and happy attitude. Why? Because it is the day he does his "job". Part of his special ed. program is working in the cafeteria on Mondays. He proudly announced this morning: "if you see the food in the cafeteria today and it looks good, you can thank me and the other cookerators". Hm mm: if it wouldn't break his heart and crush his spirit, I'd suggest to his teachers less time in the cafeteria, more time in English class! But, he's so excited about this job and is taking it very seriously and acting very responsible. We'll just correct his grammar and move on.

3. Thing Two forgot his glasses this morning. And, he was visibly upset and worried. No problem: I quickly ran home, and brought them back to school. That put a smile on my face: not that he forgot his glasses but that he notices a difference when wearing them and was worried that he wouldn't have a good day if he didn't have his glasses!

4. The wine of the month delivery guy just came with our monthly delivery. Stop on by and I'll share a glass with you...or 2 or we're several months behind in sampling the wines.

without a doubt, this is one of my more boring entries. But, I figured I'd better update before my sister wives start to harass me. That's my talent (blog harassment): I don't want them stepping in and taking over that duty of mine! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rules of engagement

One of the regular rituals shared by the guys here in the House of Chang is the nightly beating or punches. Think wrestling with the winner taking the final gentle punch. Yes, I'm sure some day my boys will mention this to the wrong people and social services will be coming to check things out...but it really is one of those innocent father-son bonding moments.

Earlier this evening, we were reminding the boys about some of the rules of such slug fests. Just between Dad and the boys. Only in fun and never do you hit, punch, slug or wrestle a girl.

And while they both agreed that it is never ok to hit a girl, Thing Two was a bit more curious. "Dad, can a chick wrestle another chick?".

Without missing a beat, my husband loudly chuckled "only in your dreams, son, only in your dreams".

Oh services is so going to have their hands full on that report!

Remind me again...

what's the appeal of a large yard with green, healthy thriving grass? All it amounts to from my vantage point these days is mowing...lots and lots of mowing.
I'd rather be doing this sort of thing:

Monday, September 03, 2007

It is almost 11 a.m.

Do you think I should get my rear in gear and get dressed?

We're enjoying a quiet Labor Day weekend. My cold lingers but at least I"m not feeling as run down as I was at the beginning of this icky cold. Now it is just good old fashioned laziness that keeps me in my jammies.

Plus, I just finished reading a book. Saving Grace by yet again, Dorthea Benton Franks. Not her best work. It looks like it is her most recent work and the entire story felt rather sluggish. Maybe she just has run out of fresh ideas? I realize some of my thoughts on this book could be sparked by the mood I brought to the book. I really liked A Thousand Splendid Suns, so it is pretty safe to assume that anything I'd try to read right after would fall short in comparison. And while I wouldn't say this book was bad (I'm to the point these days that if the book is bad, I just quit reading it), it wasn't a very strong book. She created some vivid and realistic supporting characters but the entire story just sort of plodded along. You can easily skip this book and not be missing much.

Well, I better wrap this up before the Things discover me on the computer and insist that they get a turn on Webkinz. But hey, I"m earning cash for them to spend on their critters. Isn't that a good mommy thing to do? That's my story and I"m sticking to it!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Charged but never convicted

I just read this ethics quiz and though it'd be fun to blog. My title is my score. I guess that makes me not very Nicki (ala Big Love Fans)...because well she and Bill both could run for office I"m guessing. So, where do you fall on this ethics quiz?

1. Nibbled "samples" from supermarket produce and bulk bins?
2. Tossed cigarettes or other litter from your car?
3. Examined the neighbors mail when it was delivered to your home by mistake?
4. Stood in the 10-items-or-fewer line when you knew you had more items?
5. Knowingly driven above the posted speed limit?
6. Returned clothing to stores after it's been worn?
7. Ignored your dog's pile in the neighbor's lawn?
8. Illegally used a disabled placard so you could park close? Or parked in a handicapped space even without a placard?
9. Rolled through stop signs in your car or on a bike?
10. Left a shopping cart in a parking space?
11. "Borrowed" from your child's piggy bank?
12. Sneaked snacks or beverages into movie theaters?
13. Driven solo in the car-pool lane?1
4. Taken towels or robes from hotel rooms?
15. Called in sick when you weren't ill?
16. Found a purse or wallet and not attempted to return it to the owner?
17. Fudged on a company expense report?
18. Moved to a more expensive (and empty) seats at a ballpark or arena?
19. Dumped your garbage in a neighbors container without asking permission?
20. Taken work supplies home?

Ethics Meter0-3 -- Mother Teresa Award4-7 -- Charged but never convicted8-12 -- Genetically linked to George Costanza13-20 -- Consider running for public office