Thursday, July 12, 2007

Milwaukee Style

As we were driving over to my aunt's house last night, we saw LOTS of motorcyclists. This is after all, Harley Mecca. (note: Hubby is a BMW motorcycle owner, not a Harley guy)

So, we drive by one fella on his bike. He's about as wide as his bike. Thing One chirps up from the backseat after I made some sort of comment with: "Oh mom, he's just riding Milwaukee style".

Thing Two also had me chuckling yesterday when out of the blue he observed: "you know, Wisconsin is a hard place to visit if you are lactose intolerant".

Where do they get these thoughts? Right on the money, both times.

All is well here. Uneventful trip out. Airport very crowded. Parking lots were all full (even the remote remote lot). Anyone planning air travel trips in the coming months: give yourself plenty of extra time to avoid the frustration of waiting in long lines.

Cousins are coming over this afternoon. Hubby is at his rally. Just called to check in: he can't find his own bike in the sea of motorcycles. Too funny!

Life is good...but no pictures as I'm on dial up!


Colleen Dobson said...

I'm thinking they get those things directly from you! (You can be pretty right on the money and amusing yourself.) Count a cow for pony girl.

Dodi said...

Especially that "Milwaukee Style" remark... very you.

So, don't forget that the State Dance of Wisconsin is The Polka! That should be safe for the lactose intolerant.

laura said...

Glad to see you made it safe and sound. Have an extra one of Royal's brats and an extra helping of Phyllis's potato salad for me and say hi to all the extra cousins as well.


Mama to C4 said...

Your boys are altogether too funny! Love reading about them and their observations :)


tz said...

they are some pretty funny kids! and observant!

dial up? but hey at great wolf lodge you should have some cable connection hopefully....because i'm hoping for some pictures!