Friday, July 06, 2007

It was a jungle out there..

Yesterday, we celebrated Thing One's passage into the land of double digits. I'm still pretty dazed by the reality he's been around for a decade now.

For his celebration, my goal was to keep it simple! I was pleasantly surprised by how much he helped with that goal! He asked to bring 3 friends (which I kept telling him his brother was a bonus invite. Every time I'd ask him which 3 he wanted, he started with his brother and added 2 more names. How sweet is that?) to lunch. After lunch we'd head across town to Jungle Quest For lunch, I offered to take them anywhere. Yeah, right while we could have been eating something good from TGI Fridays or Gunther Toody's, the unanimous decision was to head across the street to Burger King!
As I sit here this morning after I realize that, while simple is easier to plan and execute, it is just as tiresome. Birthdays are exhausting! Be it that very first day of birth, or ten years later...I'm just all tuckered out. Nah, not really. These days I'm far less tired and even more in love with that kid we call Thing One! Happy Birthday Son! We love you bunches and bunches!

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