Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And they wonder why I'm a control freak..

Just when I thought I was capable of loosening up my death grip of controlling all things (I'm a Martha, it is genetic), I have sustained a serious set back.

Last night, I let the Things frolic and play in the pools after dinner. I was waterlogged so I sat poolside without getting in. 2 hrs in a water park in street clothes is a very hot and humid time so when I got up to the room I was having a major hot flash. My dear sweet cousin, who had skipped on the last run to the water park, assured me she had turned down the a/c and that things would be cooling off real soon. Sure, I cooled down a bit but the hot flash just never seemed to go away.

As a recovering control freak, I figured, everyone knows how to adjust a hotel a/c unit, right?
Think again! I discovered this morning that not only was a window left open (messing with the effectiveness of a/c) but she'd turned the fan on high but had the temperature set closer to warm than cold. Grrrrrrr....

Who knew that not EVERYBODY knows how to operate a hotel air conditioning unit?

Tonight? I'm resting comfortably in a different hotel, free of kinfolk. I'm waiting patiently for the first coven of friends to arrive. Nancy and Cathy were indeed some of my earliest gal pals where I first realized, while you can't pick you family, you can indeed pick your friends. And these are keepers...having known them both almost 30 years now! They do indeed know where the bodies are buried!

And, I'm also guessing, they know how to adjust the a/c!


tz said...

I've actually been 'caught' checking on whether or not the A/C has been turned down after being told it was....as well as checking on other things others have been asked to do...

you are not alone in the 'control freak' category

we must unite!
that would be scary wouldn't it.

looking forward to seeing pics!

Aimee said...

Completly understandable, I ALWAYS check the AC when my husband as said that he has turned it down. But then we never agree on the temperature. I don't admit to being a control freak, I think I'm in denial.