Saturday, April 28, 2007

Suppose I should mop more often..

Been in a funk this week, so domestic duties got put to the side (or skipped all together). Thursday was given the green light to quit my worrying, so I had no excuse for behaving so un-Martha like. Procrastinated a little bit Friday morning (great talking with ya, TZ, CFD and sis).
And then, faced the mess on the kitchen floor.

Swept, mopped and yes, it did look very good. And yes, I wondered again, why do I put off doing this? I get such a surge of domestic goodness when the floor is clean. (I guess because it doesn't stay clean for very long).

Thing Two got home from school, took off his shoes (he's so well trained, better than I am) and said "Mom, it feels so good, all I feel on the floor are my socks!"

OK, now...was that a compliment or a slam?
Doesn't is Saturday morning and I've got a desk piled high with craft stuff just waiting for me to come over and play. Film at 11 (a phrase our family uses to say, check in later for more exciting news and maybe even some pics)


tz said...

a vist here should ALWAYS make you feel better about your own floor...which reminds me that is on my list today...but i'll take time to check in later and see what cool things you have accomplished.

Colleen Dobson said...

I've actually decided I need to do less housework. (more cooking unfortunately, but less cleaning.) It's not healthy to be too into the clean house thing. (It's like perfectionism; sounds good, but it's not.)