Thursday, April 05, 2007

Belated Pics

Now that I"m back home, surrounded by all things good (loving Hubby, comfy bed, high speed Internet, TiVo), I shall try to add a couple pictures from our trip.

The purpose of this FL adventure was to visit family. Sis and nephew from MI flew in and we stayed at a timeshare condo outside of Disney.

We also spent a couple days "camping" with my dad at his trailer park. Calling it camping was the only way I could sleep at night and use the bathhouse across the road without getting totally creeped out. Yes, go ahead an call me a sissy girl when it comes to prefering my home comforts and bug free environment. Technically he lives in a "fixed park model" but for those of us accustomed to more spacious quarters, camping is a better way to describe it.

All in all, it was a good trip. There was swimming in the pool and the Gulf, golfing and rides in golf carts, and even a chance to learn the art of shuffle board. We took a boat ride in search of gators. Didn't really need to board the boat to spot the gators as one was sunning himself right next to my uncle's boat. Ewww: a little close for comfort. The boys had fun and I enjoyed the slower pace of life. But, I'm ever so happy to be back home where I sleep without wondering if that gator has decided to make a house call!

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tz said...

awesome pictures, i love the one of your nephews coming down the slide! what a great shot! looks like lots of fun and looking forward to hearing more about it in person....