Sunday, April 08, 2007

Adventure is just a page away...

This past week I've discovered two great books. The first one, Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews is a chick lit book. While on vacation, I had it with me but was determined to finish the book I had started before leaving. I dragged that first book along with me all week and every time I opened it, my eyes would get heavy and I'd feel very sleepy. At first I figured it was the sun or the jet lag. When I got to the airport at the end of our trip, I decided enough and switched books. I pulled this one out of my luggage and immediately found myself absorbed in the tale.

Set in Savannah, the star of the story is BeBe Loudermilk (with a main character name like that, you just know it's gonna be a fun story). She finds herself in a heap of trouble and has to work her way outof this problem . The story unfolds quickly. Although the storyline is sort of predictable (isn't all chick lit predictable) I found the characters engaging enough and funny enough to keep going. By the time my flight landed in CO, I was more than half way finished. And on Friday night, while the men in the house were bonding over Homer and Bart, I crawled under the covers and finished the book . I'm thinking I might just have to check out some of the other books written by Ms. Andrews.

The next book I discovered has been part of my craft collection for months now. Cherish is a layout idea book. Originally, I poured over it, oohed and ah'd over the pages and used it only occasionally. But, now that I"m starting to use more of the patterned paper made by Basic Grey and such, I find this book to be a great reference tool for learning how to use the bold papers without overpowering your pictures. Some scrapbookers might consider the detailed instructions to be a bit much. They'd rather create on their own. But, I'm a firm believe in why re-invent the wheel. And with the layout ideas in this book along with the cutting directions for your complimentary paper, it has been a very productive weekend here in my craft shack. I just finished up my 7th page since yesterday. Trust me, with the way and rate I scrap, that's a very good weekend indeed. And I owe a large amount of my inspiration to the great ideas found in Cherish.

Now I'd better wrap it all up and go check on the Things. They've been a bit too quiet if you know what I mean...and since Auntie Terri was over yesterday leaving them candy and tattoo stuff, who knows what I'll find when I go upstairs.


tz said...

ooooh are the pages below and example of what you learned in Cherish? I may have to thumb through the book the next time I am over!
nicely done!

Colleen Dobson said...

pst - can you get me some of what ever it is you take to enhance your scrapping mojo? Or just plain energy level? Maybe it's the weather, but I'm in a puppy peepee cleaning rut! Of course that probably is severly cutting into my time! OH, gotta go steam clean the living room again - see!