Monday, March 12, 2007

Where did that extra hour go?

Cowtown Stacy challenges us this week with: We had an "extra hour" of daylight today. How'd you spend it? Any regrets? If so, describe how you'd spend it differently, given the chance. ('Cause you have another chance tomorrow!)

Extra hour my buttocks! I'm a morning person. I found little to celebrate with this time change. In fact, if anything I found myself frustrated.

My most productive time of the day is in the morning: I thought I was making great progress yesterday when I realized "It's 0900 already? Seems like it is only 0800"

And if you are early eaters like we are, dinner time arrived just too darn soon. What? Time to fix dinner already? But, it seems like only 4pm.

And if you are a control freak who likes her boys washed, jammied and in bed by 7:30pm, all that extra evening daylight just does nothing for you!

And well this morning, was just rough getting my morning boys up and moving and still have time for them to do the things they like to do before school.

And as I was starting to grumble to my walking Buddy she shared with me "if you think you had it rough, try having a night owl! He did not want to go to bed last night. No how No Way!"

So there ya have it, we both agreed Springing Forward provides us with little added least as long as school is in session and routines must be followed.

Now what has put a smile on my face is the clear blue skies and the windless 70 degrees out there. But, I'd be enjoying that just as much without the added hour to go with it.


tz said...

how funny, which is why I wasn't going to do this challenge ;-) but maybe i still will, but a bit later.

Colleen Dobson said...

Maybe my "extra hour" had more to do with sleeping all weekend trying to get over the sickies. Generally, I prefer to fall back.

Colleen Dobson said...

goodness martha, it's been eons since your last update. Get with the probram! (4 days, are you alright?)