Sunday, March 11, 2007

To thine ownself be true

I'm joining Thing One for lunch on Friday. His buddy Ry-guy sits with him. We're chatting and I notice he is rolling his eyes. I thought only 9 year old girls did that, but apparently boys do it to. So, I asked him "what's up". He said "Oh Park is mad at me because I"m eating with Thing One". In my innocent mom voice I said "well, he can certainly join us". To which he answered "No, you see Mrs. C, he doesn't like Thing One".

Now, I'm fighting back the tears, with Thing One sitting right next to me. How could anyone NOT like my very lovable child?

When suddenly Thing One enters the conversation with the very proud proclamation "Yep, that's right, he doesn't like me because I chat chat chat. That's me, Mr. Chatty". Not even the slightest glimmer of disappointment with the reality that not everybody is his friend.

Yeah, us moms could learn a thing or two from our kids, couldn't we?


tz said...

patick is so cool!

Christy said...

Hey Martha- coming out of lurkdom here to say thank you to Thing 1. My new avatar on SS? (momtomaxandaaron) Go check it out!