Monday, March 26, 2007

The Red Eye

The Things and I are flying out tonight to spend a week with family in FL. I need to file this under the "what was I thinking?". In theory it should be fine. In reality: well, since Thing Two is just like his momma when he gets tired, it could get ugly. When he's ready to sleep, he's ready to sleep and any attempts to tell him otherwise will be greeted with loud sounds of frustration.
Fingers crossed that it all goes well.

But, if you hear of some middle aged woman getting kicked off a flight because of a cranky thing, it might be me.

In my usual pre-trip frenzy to try and catch up on all unrelated tasks, I looked down at the boys yesterday and realized they were looking rather shaggy. Not totally over due for haircuts, but if we go to the ocean (which is part of the general plan), we could find ourselves dealing with lots of sand in their hair. So,we made a quick trip to the hair cut place for their buzz.

Thing Two announced to the lady, "Give me my summer buzz, not my winter one, OK?".
Ah, he's his daddy's son after all!

Not making any promises about updating the blog. I'll have the stuff do it but timeshares are notorious for having limited Internet access. And I'm way to spoiled to put up with dial up unless it is a true emergency.

So for now, I'll sign off and catch ya'll when I can....


tz said...

Bon Voyage! looking forward to seeing some pictures and hearing your tales!

agent713 said...

Have fun!!!