Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just one word

This week's blog challenge
  • Have you ever tried to describe yourself in one word? One word that sort of sums up who you are, what makes you tick, what sets you apart. It's not as easy as you think. As women, we need to spend more time recognizing and celebrating the talents and positive traits we've been adorned with. Whether we're suburban upper-middle class moms or urban, poor, living-the-moment teens - we all have one thing in common: we're beautiful women with amazing talents, unbridled potential... and we're fabulous, baby. Fabulous.Go ahead. Describe yourself with one word. Then ask three other people to describe you, too. Celebrate yourself. I dare you!

Kind. Yep, I'm a kind hearted person. Although it isn't always easy, it is what comes most natural. I feel gifted in being able to read the cues of others and find ways to be helpful. Helping others makes me feel good about myself. Now one should note that being helpful is totally on my terms. I'm pretty good about setting boundaries and establishing limits (at least eventually I figure that part out). I will be your go-to girl for only so long and then....well, times up, you've exhausted your limits of Martha kindness.

So even on those rough days when I really want to give someone an earful or a dose of their own medicine, I find myself choosing the safer approach and just "smile and wave". It just isn't worth getting all worked up about...because well, my kindness ends up making me feel bad for spouting off. Even if they deserved it in the first place.

OK, now the rest is up to you all...using just one word, describe me. But remember, be kind!

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tz said...

welcoming...which goes right with your own assesment of kind. Your home is always warm and inviting w/ just the right temp. coffee and a goody or two for all ages (isaac still ooohing and ahhing about the cookie crisp cereal) when in a crowd of people, you're willing to talk to the person who is a bit awkwardly shy and not jumping in. I'm so very glad that you were welcoming with me, as I am enjoying our growing friendship.