Sunday, March 11, 2007

Crop Crashers

Yesterday my friend and I decided to crash a scrapbooking retreat that TZ (my friend and fellow blogger) was attending. I mean: come on, how dare she go somewhere without bringing the entire neighborhood gang along? (just kidding, I seriously think it is neat that she makes time to spend with one of her dearest friends. You know that whole girl scout motto of make new friends but keep the old. See, already I 'm learning from my son).

As we are visiting with the two croppers, we start grilling The New Girl. Where are you from, where did you grow up. All those initial chick conversations. Hoping to find some common connection (which we already had because well, she's a mom, who scrapbooks and loves Big Love.) Next thing you know, we've moved on to her husband's bio. When she said where he went to high school, Carol and I both chirped in "I wonder if he knows Allison" (a neighbor who has since moved away but another real fun friend).

Well, we call up hubby and sure enough he knows her. In fact, had dated her for awhile back in the mid 1980s when they were both in high school (yeah, I know I was hanging out with kids yesterday). Imagine the odds? I mean, we do live in a rather large metro area and on the other side of town from where these newly minted friends grew up.

So, now everybody join in the chorus...It's a Small World After All...


Colleen Dobson said...

Wait a second! Are you saying Carols husband used to date Shannon? I went to TZ's blog to confirm, but she hasn't blogged it yet. Or do I have my cropping buddies mixed up?

6 degrees of Tracey again.

Martha said...

No, Shannon's husband dated Allison (who has since moved away)

But Allison was known for always having a hilarious story to share with us about some "guy she used to date" and so Carol and I were just rolling with laughter when we realized that even with Allison living in GA, her ex-beaus still come up in conversation!

tz said...

hahahaha, did you tell allison yet?