Thursday, March 15, 2007

According to Thing Two...

"Brother, you don't know anything! You can only call it snuggling if you have someone with you!"

Our evening bedtime routine is to "talk about the day". I snuggle in with Thing Two and we chat about what the favorite part of his day was. Thing One is usually not interested. But tonight, he decided he'd go for the snuggle. Only problem was, he announced in his overtired grouchy voice "alone!".

That's when his younger, yet perhaps wiser brother pointed out the flaw in his plan.

Oh how I wish I could bottle up his sincerity and kindness so when he hits that next stage, I'll be able to remember the time when he was my sweet little snuggling pal~

On a much more somber note: all you mommas out there: no matter what: cuddle up and snuggle with your children whenever you get the chance! For tonight we learned that the neighbor kid (a 20 something college kid, living with his sister while going to school) was not able to overcome the serious injuries he sustained in a car accident almost 2 weeks ago. I can only imagine the heartache his family is feeling tonight and for many nights to come.

Gotta celebrate these little moments for sadly we never know when that's all we'll have left of our loved the memory of it all.

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tz said...

so sorry to hear about your neighbor's brother. and yes, what a great reminder to hold our own tighter for as long as we can.