Friday, February 16, 2007


And, we're looking forward to a 4 day weekend. Yes!!!!
It's been a long week. Thing Two is going through one of his episodic spells of not liking school. He does it about twice a year and his protest is so dramatic and convincing that initially I'm certain something is causing his dislike for school. There has to be a reason why my sweet baby hates school: the teacher is evil, the bully has found him, he's got some undiagnosed learning disability. mind races with reasons for what is causing the meltdown. But, this time, I'm seeing the pattern and realizing he's just in a funk and not wanting to do his job. We've all been there and realize this too shall pass. It still makes my job as Mom that much harder.

But, we made it to Friday and that is worth noting. Yep, even at 7 he appreciates the gift that is called Friday!

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tz said...

wooo hoooo, 4 days! i'm doing the cabbage patch dance right now, singing 'it's my birthday, i have days off, it's my birthday'
of course it's not my birthday, i don't get that song/chant thing...hahaha