Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Telephone Training

Thing One and a couple of his classmates have discovered this place called Club Penguin. As best I can figure out, it is sort of like a "my space" for the very young. They have a character that can visit various areas and they can invite each other to race and play other online games. Safety is maintained by limiting the messages that can be sent to pre-written basic responses. I'm not real excited to see my baby moving toward this pre-teen world of chatting online, but he seems to enjoy it.

The other night a classmate called and asked for Patrick to sign on. We forgot to find out this friend's user id, so I suggested he call T back. I dialed the number and handed the phone to Thing One. He became alarmed and said "Mom, it is making some weird noise". I listened and said "Silly, that's the other phone ringing!".

Wondering what he'll think when he hears a busy signal?

And yes, the picture taken below is of Thing One. He is my less cooperative child when it comes to taking his picture. But, I've figured a way around that. I put the zoom lens on the camera, and just stand off to the side and wait to snap his picture when he forgets I'm there. It is why "studio" shots never turn out of him. But, man I do love catching him choosing Joy! Itr shows the real side of his personality. Perpetually happy (well, except when things aren't going his way).

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tz said...

with this age of VM I'm not sure what I'd do if I heard a busy signal?