Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Slow Week

Thus, not much happening worth blogging about.

I could blog about Thing Two's teeth trouble. He's double parked on the front row. Yep, that top permanent tooth is starting to drop down while the baby tooth is firmly in place in the back row. We're off to the dentist next week. He thinks just for a cleaning, but I'm thinking a little assistance may be needed to tow out that tooth with the expired tags.

I could blog about Thing One who this week, took his first round of state mandated tests. Out here, we call them CSAPs and this one was in reading. He'll do a math, and I think a writing one later on in the Spring. He thought it was lots of fun. Why? Because the kid loves to read AND they had no homework because of the testing. And although I view homework as a "necessary evil" I must admit, it has been a quiet week without a packet of homework needing our attention. Yep, I could get used to a homework free way of life.

I could blog about how exciting it was to note that he was taking this test with next to no modifications or accomodations. Given where he started, well, he's done a heck of lot of catching up to get to this point. Way to go, son, we're proud of ya!

I could blog about the weather. Snow and cold. Big surprise there, eh? Does this make the 7th straight week of fresh falling snow or the 8th? I've lost track. SSDD: Same Snow, different day.

I could blog about Grey's Anatomy. But, I"ve not watched it yet (will wait until it is completely TiVo'd so I can skip the commercials). I could blog about this week's episode of House, MD. But, we had technical TiVo difficulties and thus can only comment on the first 18 minutes. Grrrrrrrr...I fear I've become too dependent on the technology.

I could blog about...nah, I'm all blogged out...

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