Monday, February 26, 2007

Playing Favorites

This week's blog challenge looks easy enough I might be able to complete it.
  1. Color: Green
  2. Food: Chocolate, d'uh
  3. Month:October
  4. Song: All You Need is Love
  5. Movie: Love Actually
  6. Sport: I am so not into sports. Neither participating or spectating.
  7. Season: Fall
  8. Day of the Week: Friday
  9. Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
  10. Time of Day: the morning (go ahead, and hate me, yes, I'm a morning person)

9 Currents

  1. Mood: Happy
  2. Clothes: my mom uniform: jeans, tshirt, fleece vest
  3. Taste: ?coffee breath
  4. Desktop: The Things at DisneyWorld with Mike and Sully (Feb. 05)
  5. Toenail Color: nada. Not into the whole polish look
  6. Time: 9:40 am
  7. Surroundings: Family room, watching the View
  8. Thoughts: Is Thing Two getting hungry (I found his breakfast pretty much untouched), Will my jacket be dry before I have to go to work (it was dirtier than my van was, long overdue to be washed)
  9. Wonderings: At my age, thoughts and wonderings sort of all blend together. Will people think I'm very lame with my answers to this meme?

8 Firsts

  1. Best Friend: Heidi C. (and yes, I still consider her a great friend)
  2. Kiss: Must not have been very memorable, still can't remember who or when
  3. Screen Name: Marty (which is so odd because I hate that as a knickname for Martha)
  4. Pet: Max our schnauzer
  5. Piercing: My ears (and that's the only pierced part and I rarely wear earings).
  6. Crush: Tom Cruise (I'm talking the young cute, non freaky one from Top Gun and Risky Business)
  7. Computer: Don't remember the name or the brand but Hubby deemed it pathetic when he saw it when we started dating back in ?94)
  8. Home Location: I'm assuming not an apartment rental? Well, I guess that would be our townhouse in VA.

7 Lasts

  1. Cigarette: never even had a first (with no plans to change this)
  2. Drink: Coffee (Creme Brulee, of course)
  3. Kiss: Thing Two as he marched off to school (probably with tummy rumbling)
  4. Movie seen at the theater: Casino Royale with Hubby (a date no less!)
  5. Phone Call: Kelly N.
  6. CD played: Nora Jones Feels like Home
  7. Gift received: Christmas presents (we skip the whole Valentines experience)

6 Have You Evers

  1. Dated One Of Your Best Friends: Well, I did marry my best friend. But no, haven't dated someone who was a friend first
  2. Broken the Law: A speeding ticket some 20 years ago.
  3. Been Arrested: Nope
  4. Skinny Dipped: Um, maybe? :)
  5. Been on TV: Don't think so.
  6. Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Not that I remember.

5 Things

  1. You've Eaten Today: Bagel and cream cheese, (and since it is still early, that's about it so far).
  2. You've Done Today: Showered, made breakfast, delivered Things to school, one load of laundry, disassembled the Things Fort in the basement
  3. You Can Hear Right Now: The dryer buzzing, the chatter of The View, that little voice saying I really should vacuum, and that's about it.
  4. You Can't Live Without: My family, my friends, TiVo, High Speed Internet and a climate controlled environment.
  5. You Do When You're Bored: boredom is not allowed or tolerated here in the House of Chang and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. But seriously, procrastinate, channel surf, tap my toes, doodle and blob-blogging (just click on random blogs and play voyeur into their lives).

4 places you've been today

  1. Potty
  2. School
  3. the Basement
  4. the kitchen

3 people you can tell anything to

  1. Hubby
  2. Sherri R.
  3. Terri K.

2 Choices:

  1. Black or White: black
  2. 2. Hot or Cold: Hot

1 thing you wanna do before you die: Visit Italy and this time take the Gondola ride!

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