Sunday, February 11, 2007

Perplexing Thoughts

  • Club Penguin: what is it about this website that has both Things not only mesmerized but on their best behavior for fear I'll get mad and cancel their membership? They have spent the better part of the weekend playing games, earning points and oh no...buying outfits for their characters. I don't get it: it is just an online game site. Oh well, the plus side is they've played nicely with each other and I've got a fresh currency to encourage continued cooperation.
  • Big Love: What is it about this show that has me unable to turn it off? I started watching it last weekend and am just about half way through Season 1. Yeah, that's a lot of TV watching. On one level, I'm totally disgusted by the idea. Like Hubby said "it is wrong on SO many levels". But, can I walk away and return the DVDs without watching the entire stinking' show? No. And the more I watch the more questions I have: what is the benefit of multiple wives? All I see is headache and confusion. Does it really occur beyond the compound style of polygamy that you hear about on the news from time to time. Could it really be possible that polygamists live within a regular community. I really must get a life when it comes to being obsessed by this show.

And well, that about sums up our weekend. Pretty exciting family that we are...boys obsessed by penguins, mom obsessed by polygamy and Hubby...well, he worked half the night and spent the day in a sleep deprived fog. He was too tired to even go for a motorcycle ride. And since his motorcycle is his obsession, that is pretty darn tired.


tz said...

love the show, looking at neighbors in a whole new light! And really how is it wrong to meet your own wife in a motel? they have to keep it a dirty secret from the other wives...hahaha ok, i confess i spent the weekend watching big love also and eating girlscout cookies.

tosin said...

Well for heaven's sakes, catch up so we can watch season 2 together.
When does that start anyways.

TZ ~ please pass the Thin Mints.