Saturday, January 20, 2007

So much for that clean house!

It was looking so pretty and neat yesterday. But, now today with Hubby feeling sickly, clouds rolling in bringing flurries and my determination to spend some time in the craft room, the house has gotten more than a bit rumpled.

Oh well, at least the Things played nice enough (even if they made like mini-tornadoes in their wake) and allowed me to finish up 6 scrapbook pages. Ah, it has been awhile since I've scrapped stuff that I get to keep. Much as I love making things for others, I'm ready to work on my own stuff for awhile.

This second layout is actually something from the calendar workshop I went to a few months ago. I'm really not into scrapbooked calendars, but was happy that I figured out a way to re-use the pieces that we made in class (the lighter brown March center is an 8x8 element that was originally a calendar page). And yes, that is a rear end you see in the photo. Who could resist the photo op when they insisted on putting tattoos back there. Yep, those boys are doomed between my blog and my interest in taking photos. All sorts of evidence to embarrass them with when they get a bit older. Ok, I doubt anything will embarrass Thing One. But Thing Two should be properly mortified with all the material I"m accumulating.

And a final comment: I'm scrapbooking some photos from when my blogging habits really started to kick in. I"m finding this makes the SBjournaling so much easier and more thorough. That alone should keep me going in this blogging endeavor for a little bit longer.


tz said...

wow, you are really talented, I love your pages!

tz said...

And yes, you are so right about the blogging helping w/ scrapbooking later!