Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If you really knew, would you still be my friend?

This week's blog challenge involves sharing 5 tidbits about yourself that others might not know.

1. I'm afraid of escalators. Oh sure, I will ride them but you'll see I'm rather anxious until I've reached solid ground.

2. My most natural state is one of messiness. OK, for my sis and my hubby (both regular blog readers) this is no great revelation. But, for the rest of you, you'd probably be surprised to learn that I feel clothing tossed near the laundry basket is good enough (eventually they get put in the basket, usually on my way down to the laundry room), that sinks don't need to be wiped down from toothpaste globs unless company is coming over and that, I have this whole issue with caps and lids. Do they really need to be put back on the bottle? It just seems so pointless. You'll be using the stuff again soon, just leave the cap off.

3. I have a really foul mouth. Again, no surprise to the immediate family. Even my children will out me and tell you "mommy yells at cars A LOT when she drives". And although I'm not a fan of the "F" bomb, I do find that the D word is a quick way to release some pent up tension. Same with the S word, especially if you draw it out and add a southern twang. A long time family friend introduced me to the power of that word when he'd remark on his wife's antics. S*******T Caroline, will you just hush? :)

4. I couldn't cook at all when I first left home and was living on my own. Oh, I could bake and boil water but that's about it. I first saw a garlic press when I was 24. I'm still not much of a gourmet cook but I can hold my own when it comes to putting out a spread that doesn't require a side of pepto to get through it.

5. I cannot sing (again, no big surprise if you've had the pleasure of sitting next to me in church) but oh how I love to annoy my family with my attempts. Same with dancing. Think Elaine in Seinfeld. Yep, that's me. Only I know I've got no rhythm. I just prefer to ignore this minor detail.

Now, will you still be my friend? Hope so...


tz said...

you ARE human! hahahaha although i did cringe at the cap thing, i follow all the boys around and put caps back on the toothpaste...20 years of living together and 15 years of marriage, he hasn't figured it out, but I've stopped yelling we're just co-existing in uncapped/capped limbo.

tz said...

oh it sounds like we've been together for 35 years...hahah, it's just 20 total of which 15 we were married. :-)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea we were so much alike! Good on ya, sister!