Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today I was working on updating Thing One's school scrapbook. Now, I've been making albums for both boys for many years and they know that I enjoy this craft. On numberous occasions, he has told people that I'm a crazy scrapbook lady. But I don't think he's ever paid that close of attention to what exactly I am doing. Until Today...

He said "Mom, that's me at school". as he looked at the page I was working on. Yes, I explained. All of these pages focus on you and school. He quickly added "well, then get busy woman, I want to see MORE". He took off and not five minutes later, he came back and said "aren't you done yet?" Patience is not his virtue.

Around 4, I got to a good stopping point and headed outside to assess the snow fall. My turn for a discovery. For instead of the "flurries" that the weather man predicted, we had at least 7 inches of new snow. And with Hubby still recovering from his cold, I took on the task of shoveling. By the time I finished, I looked up towards the sky and shouted "Aren't you done yet?"

That impatience I noticed in Thing One? Me thinks he gets it from his mother...

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