Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cabin Sickness

Thing One announced that he's got "400% cabin sickness". I'm thinking he means cabin fever and I totally get the 400% part. Sadly, I was not being the overprotective, in a hurry mom when I took Thing Two into the clinic on Monday as we got the call Tuesday telling us he's got strep throat. Sometimes it is no fun being "right".
And since he's not responding as quick as his brother and mother wish he would, we've all been stuck in the house waiting for him to feel better. And now, as Friday approaches, the forecasters are calling for yep,...flurries again (big surprise there, eh?)
So, I'll just have to take my glass of Merlot and reflect on what a difference a week makes. Yep, wishing I were there instead of here.

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tz said...

but what a great opportunity to be forced to update your resume!