Saturday, October 28, 2006

Welcome to the world Baby E.K.!

It's been 9 plus years since I've celebrated the birth of a nephew. So, it is with great pride and excitment that I note the safe arrival of Little E., born to my BIL and his wife out in CA.

He arrived Thursday, just a day after his uncle's birthday (so, as long as I remember Hubby's birthday, I stand a fair chance of remembering Little E's birthday). He's a big one: checking in at 8 pounds, 14.8 ounces. All are doing well and hope to be released from the hospital tomorrow or Monday. (yeah, c-section. But come on, have you noticed the melons the Things sport? That's not from MY side! Giggle Giggle)

Thing Two was most excited. When we asked him: why so happy, he started to do a little dance and twirl around, singing "I'm not the baby, wahooo! I"m not the baby, wahoo!". We hate to tell him that on the maternal side, he's still the youngest.

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tz said...

ummm, still waiting for pictures...