Thursday, October 05, 2006

Things we shouldn't blog about

Yesterday I was enjoying a lovely cup of coffee and delightful conversation with the neighborhood ladies (Thanks TZ!). The topic turned to what we should not blog about. We all agreed that naked pictures of our kids, as cute as they are, should be left off the blog. The same with belly aching about the people in our lives who annoy us to no end. Oh sure, once in awhile, you just can't help it, but for the most part, not a good idea to use your blog to vent.

But what about stories that you find hiliarious but your kids find rather sensitive? Thing One did something rather childish and stupid the other night.

He had something in his mouth he shouldn't have. And, he swallowed it. After I finished scolding him , he asked that I please not tell anyone because he felt so embarrassed.

Which leaves me with the dilemma, can I blog about it? The concensus was yes. Blog, just don't share photos when you find the swallowed item (TZ told us about a woman who made a scrapbook page that looked like Winnie the Pooh, only the pictures weren't of Pooh but rather Poo! EWWW).

So, here it goes...this week, until the situation passes....Thing One is knicknamed Quarter Pooper as he swallowed a quarter. Since it isn't the first time he's done something like this, we did not rush him to the Emergency Room (although we did call the Advice Nurse just to make sure protocol hadn't changed since the last time he did this).

Instead, we'll be deducting the quarter from his allowance.

We'll keep you posted on the not included...


tz said...

And how can you NOT share those stories, all us moms are so entertained...
now to embarrass us moms...oh ok, I won't go there....
it was a lovely time, thanks so much for coming, it was a nice break from packing and getting ready.

Sue said...

My older dd did this at 2.5yo. She nearly choked to death trying to get it down her little windpipe, and then couldn't tell me anything more than it was "MONEY!" Argh...2 x-rays later, we determined it was a quarter.

She swallowed it on Memorial Day. Still there by 4th of July.

Gone by Labor Day. Never found it. LOL

Diana Sioux said...

Ack! So I'm regularly doing two things a good, little blogger shouldn't do .... griping about real people (have you ever read one of my Psycho SIL posts?) and blogging embarassing stuff my kids do. Gosh, if not for those two things, what would I blog about??? :)