Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rushing Through Rushmore

Just a quick update: we've made it to the Black Hills Region. Mt. Rushmore wasn't much different from what I recall as a kid. The Things: as usual were more impressed with the little stuff. Thing Two insisted on standing on stage and reciting the pledge of allegiance with his Grandpa. He also enjoyed testing out the plunger in the museum: simulating the explosions they used to create the monument.

Sadly, the wind kept us from enjoying the surrounding trails and just being outside was draining.

Next stop on the tour was the Crazy Horse Monument. If you've never been and have a chance, check it out. I can't find the right words this evening to describe what makes it so unique: maybe the grassroots approach to the construction of the monument, or the small town feel to the musuem with an eclectic collection of all things Native American. I don't know: it was just sort of an Americana Experience you should check out sometime, right up there with Wall Drug.

We finished out the day with two trips to the pool and one lesson (this time from Grandpa) about trespassing. You see, there is a small putt putt golf place right next to the hotel. But, it is closed for the season. Grandpa saved the day: when he announced that he has clubs and a ball in the trunk of his car, all they'd need to do is jump the fence. They got in a round of golf and the only one to question them was some other kid asking how much a round of golf cost. Hmmm...I guess occasionally a memorable experience is worth a little law breaking.

Tomorrow we head back, but before hitting the road, we hope to make one more tourist stop...assuming my energy lasts.


tz said...

Great pictures! Glad you are having a good time and 'go grandpa'

agent713 said...

Love the picture of the recitation of the pledge. Very cool.