Saturday, October 28, 2006

A priceless day

Thing Two was invited to a birthday party at one of THOSE places (read with dread). Not the Rodent Pizza Joint (that was code for chuck e. cheese when they were younger. If we said the actual name, they were sure to hear us, even if in the opposite end of the house, and the begging and pleading to go right now would start). But, someplace very similar: with the arcarde, the indoor mini golf, the indoor amusement rides and bowling. Yeah, one of those places: when you get the invite you go "Aw Man, must we?"

So, I decided I'd take them both, leave the one with the party and head off with the other one and let him play (of course, it would mean this would become a costly afternoon for me while trying to keep things balanced for the uninvited brother). (side note: the very kind party mom did suggest that he could join the party group but I knew I didn't have the patience in me to have him be a part of the group).

And although I entered the day with sheer dread over the entire noise and chaos factor that comes with parties at those places, my mood quickly shifted to one of delight and awe.

In the months that have passed since we've visited such a place, I realized how much growth Thing One has experienced. He was calm. He was patient and he was willing to negotiate.

And, we all had a great time.

I don't care what some people tell you, as they get older, many many things get better and easier! This was no doubt one of those days!

(and a shout out to my pal Colleen who carpooled with me. I had a great time, even if my ears are still buzzing from the noise of it all!)

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tz said...

love those days when the kids surprise you with how grown up they are....