Sunday, October 22, 2006

Operation "MTC" is well underway

Oh, I'm just about to burst with excitement. I have two surprise projects that I needed to not only start but complete in the next couple of weeks. Version 1.0 of Operation MTC is not only started but complete. I really wish I could share with you the details but ya just never know who is lurking and reading the blog.

But, I promise, in the coming days I will share a couple pictures. Yep, even Hubby was impressed with the final project. So, there, that eliminates one possible recipient, eh?

And I'm clean up the mess from this project and start brainstorming for the next project.

Busy Busy Busy...and it feels great!

1 comment:

ColleenO said...

heee hee hee hee!!! I saw it, and I guess I'd better just say "two thumbs way up!" It will definately "MTC" - you do nice FAST work!