Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If I could be

I found this in amongst all the stuff that the Things bring home from school. Stuffed into the bottom of his backpack. Since Thing One is not into writing, when I find something even remotely creative, I am immediately impressed with his effort. I figure at least he's trying. I remember how he used to just answer the question based on what had the shortest letters so he could finish up the assignment. His answers are noted in italics

  • If I could be an animal, I'd be a Yak, because they live in the mountains and I love the mountains.
  • If I could be a bird, I'd be a woodpecker, because they get to chatter
  • If I could be a flower, I'd be a sunflower because they are beautiful.
  • If I could be a piece of furniture, I'd be a bed, because they are soft.
  • If I could be a state, I"d be New York, because it has lots of people
  • If I could be a building, I'd be the Empire State Building, because it is tall and strong, just like I want to be.

In a way, this paper ties into this week's blog challenge. Here's the assignment for those who are playing along at home:

  • If you could live one day without consequences, what would you do? Would you get a tattoo just to see what it was like? Would you skip work or school and sleep all day? Would you have a one-night-stand, or would you buy a yacht, or would you tell your parents what you REALLY think of them? If you could live one day without consequences, what would you do?

I've been thinking about this challenge for two days now. How sad is that? That I spend that much time THINKING about my answer. I know some of it stems from my strong belief that our actions all have consequences, either immediate or long term and thus by nature, I'm a rather cautious person. Toss in my practical side, and well, you can see where this week's challenge is indeed a challenge for me.

I can immediately strike off the one night stand. Why stray off the ranch when you are pretty much pampered here? The grass is just green enough on this side of the fence, thank you very much. The same holds true with telling off my dad. Yeah, I"ve got my issues with some of the things he does (what adult child doesn't?) but all things considered, I realize he is a pretty good dad. (and I've also found the perfect time to call in and check on him: about an hour into his starting his evening happy hour. Best conversation is between Manhattan #2- and #3!)

I"m thinking my day to throw caution to the wind would have to involve some sort of shopping. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my retail therapy just as much as most women. But, I am often guided by what we need, what is practical and what has a purpose. So, on my consequence free day, I"d head out to buy the things that look pretty, taste yummy and are ridiculously over priced. First stop would be the Brighton shop where I"d stock up on not just a purse, but all the accessories to go with it. Then, a quick trip into Talbots to find a new outfit that matches just perfect with my new purse. I"d stop by Del Frisco's and make reservations for dinner and call up my Hubby and tell him to join me for an amazing meal, although way over priced.

But, then in the morning, would my purse and clothes be gone? I guess so, but I"d still have the memory of having had a fabulous day without a care in the world....

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tz said...

ooooh good plan, can I come?