Friday, September 01, 2006

They really do grow up TOO fast...

Exhibit A: Taken when Thing Two was about four weeks old. Yeah, yeah, bad momma that I was, I sort of forgot about those "first bath" photos until my sister and nephew arrived to help out and she asked "have you taken any pictures yet?" I know that is hard to imagine as these days I'm always the one snapping photos but in those itty bitty baby, sleep deprived days, I too forgot about the photo ops.

Fast Forward, and I really do mean FAST, I present Exhibit B. I came upstairs to discover this: Thing Two decided after school today that he was cold and a warm soak would feel really good (he gets that from me, as I like nothing better than to take a long soak when I'm chilled).
When I suggested he take a traditional bath he said "yeah, but then I can't see the TV" (and THAT he gets from his father)


ColleenO said...

What have you done with his legs!! You know, since I'm cameraless, I should do a parade of favorites, one of which is Caitlin fully clothed (hiking boots, jeans, sweater) sitting IN the toilet. I forget why. I wonder if I wrote it down in the scrapbook. . . I wish you a wonderfully productive weekend. So far I've just kinda been staring off into space. The computer breaks it up alittle, (it's dovetails in nicely with staring.)

tz said...

absolutely nothing witty to say, but this does go up there in the darling category!