Saturday, September 09, 2006

Random notes to self..

  1. There is little therapeutic value in attempting "retail therapy" on a Saturday. Crowds everywhere.
  2. I live a sheltered life when it comes to traffic and that's just fine by me. On 3 separate occasions this week I realized how lucky I am that everywhere I need to go, want to go and for the most part have to go, is within an easy 5 mile radius of my house with next to no traffic headaches. On those three adventures (four if you count today) I became immediately aware that Front Range interstate traffic sucks! I'll take my sheltered little corner of the world, thank you very much.
  3. I'm grateful that hubby is an excellent provider. Well, he's got some other decent qualities too, but since I got my pay stub this week, it hit home what an amazing provider he is for the Things and I!


ColleenO said...

re the pay check - Aint it the truth! I laughed out loud when I got my first one. Somehow it's not that funny anymore, but it is still amazing.

tz said...

oh, it looks like i'm online the same time as colleeno

i've been subjecting myself to online retail therapy and it's not quite as satisfying!