Saturday, September 16, 2006

My favorite sign of Fall

I like my seasons to change. No doubt about it, my favorite time of change is from Summer to Fall. When I talk to people, I find I'm not alone.

Lots of us love Fall for our own various reasons. Some people I know like the happiness they feel when they see the leaves turn colors. Yeah, well, they do have a point, but here in the Front Range, we don't get the vivid displays like they do in other parts of the country. So, nope that's not my favorite aspect of Fall.

Others like the way the weather changes. How each day provides you with a little bit of a surprise with how cool the morning will be and how warm the day will end up being.

Still there are those that talk about the scents of Fall: the crisp smell of the air, the aroma of Apple Pie baking in the oven. And there is nothing wrong with the way Fall smells. Well, unless you live near a dairy farm or the oil refinery.

But for me, well let me just show you what my favorite sign of Fall is:

Yep, we've kicked off the season of snacking. You start with that first bag of FRESH candy corn (I don't care for the stuff that sits out all year long and gets a tad stale). Next thing you know, you're looking at the mini candy bars. Somehow eating 5 minis doesn't seem as bad as eating one full size bar (Math is so not my strongest academic skill. Oh wait, I'm starting to look pretty darn stupid: I stink at grammar and I don't like math? Kids, consider yourself blessed to be average with me as your momma!).

And well...The sweet treats just keep on flowing through the stores and into my house...Until before you know it, we're hiding chocolate eggs (assuming I've not eaten them all before getting around to the actual hiding).

Yep, Let the Season of Eating begin!
Happy Fall Ya'll...


tz said...

and i just restarted weight watchers!

Anonymous said...

You're late! I bought my first bag of candy corn about 2 weeks ago.

laura said...

that anonymous is me...I thought I had typed my name and clicked "other". I guess not. Oops.