Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Labor Day Challenge

Feel free to join me in my own personal challenge. This weekend I'd like to complete the following craft related projects. I figure if I list them, then maybe I won't put off doing what I really need to, and just as importantly, stuff that I really want to work on. So, here's my list:
  1. Finish Up Thing Two's KG year for his school album. I really need to wrap this project up so that I can move on to something new. This will be the last step in letting go of some of my adult disappointments regarding his kg year.
  2. Finish up the CO-SS retreat goodie bag items (*thanks Carol for the coupon, a subcategory of this is making a JoAnns run to get my laminating refill).
  3. Sort through the stash of stickers and do dads. I've got a good system for putting away my stamp stufff when I'm done stamping and yet know where everything is when I need it for the next project. I really need to examine my SB stash and come up with something that works a little better than my current "stash and dash" approach.
  4. Count how many pages I've scrapped this year. I see many folks listing their pages completed and I've never been one to count up the pages but I think it might be interesting to see how much I've done this year. Does my slow and sure approach total up to something close to those large numbers I see on SS? I don't know, I've only counted them when I've gone to a retreat. Never done a yearly total. Not that the year has ended, but I"m in the mood to count today so might as well start the tally now.
  5. Work on 2004 family album. Yeah, I know, you all thought because I'm finishing up Thing Two's KG pages, that I must be caught up on other stuff. Oh no, I have scrapbook skeletons in my craft closet just like everyone else. Towards the end of 2004, I lost my muse and when I found it in '05, I decided to switch gears and focus on vacations, Christmas and the boys' school albums. No more chronological scrapbooking. But, I hate having totally unfinished projects so I really would like to wrap up those last remaining pages.

If I can get through these projects over the long weekend, plus tend to some family matters, I'll be a very happy camper. Uh, make that happy crafter! Come on: let's go get CRAFTY~

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tz said...

oh my gosh, i'm exhuasted just reading that! I know I just woke up by now I need a nap....
good luck completing your list, I'm sure if any one can it'll be you!

(ok, this might show up three times or not at all....sorry) i'm having a bit of a problem w/ the word verification...i need coffee