Monday, September 04, 2006

I met my challenges!!!!

Yahoo! I don't know how to do those fancy edits where you line out what you wrote...but if I knew how, I'd be able to announce that I met most, if not all of my self imposed challenges for the weekend.

  • I finished up Thing Two's Kindie album which, just as I predicted, was a huge relief to say "it is done, move on".
  • I did a Clean Sweep/Mission Organization attack on my sticker binder. Yep, I started by dumping out all of my sticker/die cut stash and sorted into trash/donate/keep piles. Then I put back only the items I knew met my current style and projects on hand. Hopefully, having a cleaner storage system will making putting stuff away less of a chore.
  • I made it to JoAnns and got my refills. And the scary thing was: that is all that I bought. I walked in, picked them up, paid for them (with coupons, Thanks Carol!) and walked out. Fear not, I still got some retail therapy in (just not at JoAnns) as I joined the Grocery Game this weekend. More on that some other time.
  • I managed to finish up the 2004 pages. I was a bit worried about this challenge as it wasn't very specific and I know myself well enough that I need to be specific in my plans or else I lose my ability to stay on task. But, once I made a general list of which pics needed to be scrapped, I did fine. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE having a photo printing machine at home? I was able to print out what I was missing and move on without the lengthy process of ordering online and risking getting side tracked. My time is SO worth the 0.24/a print the machine costs when you balance it against the time involved in getting those 0.10/prints at other places. At least when you've decided to tackle a project last minute like I did!
  • I counted my pages and although my numbers aren't as high as some (I thought I saw where someone is hoping to scrap 400 pages this year?! OH MY! That is SO not even a thought/desire or wish of mine)...I'm pleased to report that prior to this weekend, I'd scrapped 48 pages thus far for 2006. Add in what I worked on this weekend, and I'm pretty darn close to 60. But more than the numbers, is the huge sense of accomplishment I feel every time I finish a project or group of pictures.
  • I didn't finish up the SS goodie bag items but that is really a quick "while watching tv" sort of project so I won't get too upset by not having "done it all"

And...I did this while not totally neglecting my family. I took the boys to the park on Saturday, we went for a bike ride this afternoon (oh my, me on a bike, what a fright, just ask Colleeen...she saw me go pedaling by). The Things had friends over to play and we tossed water balloons and had a water gun battle (Mom lost, what else is new?).

Long weekends are great...and now I know they are even sweeter when you manage to accomplish most of what you wanted on top of having a great time just being with your family!


laura said...

Congratulations on your many accomplishments! It does indeed feel good when we can check things off our to do lists and move on.

BTW, the pictures of Miles on an earlier post are adorable! Amazing how he can still fit in the sink like that. Greg on the other hand is closing in on me fast and will most likely be taller than me within the next year or two. Yes, he seems to have inherited the height gene from Grandpa and from Andy. Yeah!!!!

tz said...

WOW, you are so my new hero!