Sunday, September 24, 2006

For the Never Say Never File

She joined our family not quite 5 years ago. Initially, I wasn't allowed near her. And although Hubby's attitude has softened over time, I remained very hesitant to get too close. Nope, No, Never, Not gonna happen was my response. She was just too important to Hubby to risk any damage that occured while I was in close proximity to her.

But, desperate times call for desperate measures. So, today, for the first time ever, I drove Liesl.

Yeah you'd think I would have learned using the word NEVER and not really meaning it. But, the last time I distinctly remember changing courses was when I (pre-kid of course) took the very firm stance that my children (if and when I ever had any) would NEVER sleep in bed with me. HAHA...I should have learned...But there you have it. I didn't and thus now have another tale for that never say never file.

And in case you are wondering what desperation lead to this change in heart on my part, well of course it is scrapbook related. I need (ok, maybe not need, but really want) to get to the CO-SS retreat next weekend and yet I didn't want to take the family vehicle and leave the guys truly home alone with no means of transporting both Things.

Of course, it does mean I'm really having to plan and pack accordingly because guess what: two man cars don't have much storage in them! But, by golly, I"ll make it happen!


tz said...

you're looking very sporty in Leisl
I actually used the same 'never' comment on same sleeping arrangement conversation and have lived to regret that....I was SUCH a better parent before I had kids.

laura said...

Yes, you do indeed look very sporty in Leisl. I'm sure Dom has already warned you...just don't get too used to the idea! Oh, and for that Never say Never file, I could probably write a book of such tales. Good to hear you're being flexible.