Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Angels among us..

This week's blog challenge
  • I had a totally different challenge planned for this week, but something happened to me this afternoon that I just had to blog about. And so... I'm changing the challenge to reflect it. Write about an event in your life that you were directly impacted by, whether you were on the receiving end, or on the giving end. Tell us about an act of selflessness, an act of bravery, an act of servitude...Tell us about the woman who comforted your lost child at Walmart until you could be reunited. Tell us about the man who picked up your dinner tab and didn't stick around to be thanked. Tell about the time you scared a bunch of bullies away from a trembling puppy, or the kids you saw hanging out at the bus stop way after the school bell rang, and how you kept an eye on them until the bus finally arrived. Dig deep into your memory bank and recall the little miracles that have happened in your life at the hands of total strangers. Remember the little miracles you've been a part of, simply because you listened to your inner voice.We've all been touched. Share YOUR story.

I've mentioned time and time again, what a blessing I consider my many friends to be. But, there is one friend in particular that truly was that Angel among us.

Allison: if you are reading this, yep, this time it really is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

When I was very pregnant with Thing Two, we learned that Thing One had significant "developmental delays". A 2 yr old with the skills and development of a 9 month old baby. The "A" word was hinted at if not spoken directly. I'm a pretty practical person, so I did what any person of my nature does with such news: I jumped right in and started to work with the therapists and my son. I joined a support group. Before I knew it, he was making progress and all seemed to be well with the world.

Now 2.5 years had passed, and that expectant baby was now a happy go lucky toddler. Yet, much of our days were still pretty focused on the programming for older brother. This preschool, that therapist, another trip in the car seat, another interupted nap. He just went with the flow as that's all he'd ever known: time to take brother somewhere for something.

In my heart, I knew this wasn't right but in mind I wasn't sure how to change it.

Until one day when another neighbor asked me to come over to their weekly "play group". I knew these ladies just casusally: as we all served on the neighborhood pool committee. I'd overhear them talking about their group but never gave it much thought. You see, I"m not really a playgroup person. Taking Thing One around "typical" kids was always a sure fire way to send me into a daze of sadness. Although he was making progress, his delays were so much more noticeable when he was around "regular" kids. Nope, we were happiest hanging with our friends who had kids with some sort of issue.

But, I knew it wasn't about me or Thing One this time...Nope, Thing Two needed a chance to be with kids just like him. So, I set aside my worries (what would we talk about, would they like me, would I like them. I so DON"T do the whole play group thing) and went to that first gathering. And had an ok time.
So, I kept going.

This was 4 years ago, and up until last year, pretty much any Wednesday that school was in session, you'd find Thing Two and I hanging with the Gang.

Yet, if it hadn't been for Allison's kind invitation to join them...I'd have never met her and all the other wonderful women that have changed my life. Enriching me as a person. Helping me grow as a parent. Reminding me of the beautiful gift God blesses us with when he sends us our gal pals!

Thank you Allison...may there one day be that kindly neighbor who reaches out and asks you to join in their fun! PS: we miss you bunches and bunches!

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tz said...

Ahhh that was so nice. I wasn't really able to get to know her before she moved, but molly and jake were in basketball (i think they were the two tallest) together and frankly she was the only other mom there that would talk with me...whew. she is a very nice lady. As are you martha.